Turkey-Malta Sea Freight Container Service

Turkey’s unique geographical position between Europe and Asia makes it well positioned as an import-export hub, and its developing economy also provides several important trading opportunities with the European Union. In fact, Turkey is the EU’s 4th largest export market, as well as the 5th largest provider of its imports.

Several Turkish companies are increasingly looking towards exporting to European countries, where the most attractive commodities are machinery and transport equipment, followed by several manufactured goods such as tiles, construction materials, textiles and even food stuffs.

Despite its small size, Malta is one of the many European countries that is expanding its economic activities with Turkey. According to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, Malta registered an impressive US$131.9 million worth of imports from Turkey during 2015. Such figures are on annual increase, and O&S Shipping has taken the necessary steps to facilitate this process for clients that are interested in accessing more imports from Turkey.

A growing trade partnership

Trade figures between Malta and Turkey are extremely promising. Recent analysis has shown that Malta was one of the top 30 markets in which Turkey registered the largest increase in exports, at an astonishing rate of 95.9%. Furthermore, this rise in trade does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Just in the beginning of 2017, Turkey’s exports to Malta have risen to a whopping 139% over the first two months of the year.

These very promising numbers are further solidified with recent statements by the Maltese Government. In a recent article published in the local media, Dr Chris Cardona, Minister for the Economy, indicated that Malta imported over €170 million worth of goods in 2015. These positive figures are setting the foundations for further economic dialogues between the two countries, and the Maltese government has also stated its interest in further facilitating Turkish trade flows towards Malta.

Our Improved Sea Freight Service

O&S Shipping have long been aware of the growing trade relations between Malta and Turkey, and have been working on creating the best ways of facilitating this process. To this extent, our company has recently acquired space on new service that has been specifically designed for clients that are interested in importing goods from Turkey.

In fact, we have managed to negotiate competitive rates with three leading shipping lines that offer weekly services from Turkey to Malta. As such, we now operate a sea freight service with full container loads, that is ideal for transporting a multitude of goods. In addition, this gives the possibility of three sailings per week from Turkish main ports such as Istanbul, Izmir, Gemlik and Mersin amongst others and also includes a full door-to-door solution, which makes it one of most efficient import services from Turkey to Malta.

Take advantage of our increased capacity

Our added sea freight services allows us to offer more weekly sailings than any other shipping line on the island. Most customers are accustomed to the efficient importation processes from other members of the European Union, but this was not always as straightforward for countries such as Turkey.

Despite this, the additional services offered by O&S Shipping has made the supply chain process from Turkey as efficient as ever. Contact O&S today at sales@oands.com.mt, or call us on +356 2397 1100/+356 7902 7904 to enquire about your next import from Turkey.

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