Top 7 Diving Spots in Malta

There are plenty of reasons why thousands of people choose Malta as their summer vacation destination and diving is just one of them. Malta offers stunning and unique diving experiences, including caves, reefs, wrecks and historic ruins. It’s fair to say that Malta has just as much to offer deep in its blue oceans as it does on land.

Read on to find out the best diving spots and discover a whole new side of sunny Malta, all year round.

The Blenheim Bomber Wreck

The Blenheim bomber is one of the most mysterious diving spots in Malta. Located on the east coast of Malta, this spot is accessible by boat only and is ideal for advanced divers. The Blenheim bomber was a WWII airplane which was attacked in 1941 and it’s believed that the crew returned to Malta with the pilot ditching the plane in the sea. It’s now become one of the most beautiful diving spots to explore. It’s one of the harder spots to find but once located, you’ll be privy to colorful sponges framing what is left of the plane, anemones, corals, and maybe turtles.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a natural inland sea-pool that divers of all levels can enjoy. The dive site overlooks what used to be the Azure Window in Dwejra, Gozo, and the water is one of the most stunning blues you’ll see. It begins in a small pool, leading to a large, sheltered tunnel that opens up to a a view of amazing marine life in an open ocean. Look out for shoals of Damselfish passing by, as well as Picarel and possibly Amberjack and Dentex fish.

The Rożi Tugboat

The Rożi tugboat dive is another wreck located in St. Paul’s Bay. It’s a small wreck of a ship that was originally known as Rossmore. The wreck is still impressively intact, apart from its engines and propeller which lie at depth of 34m. It’s anchor is also situated some metres away from the boat. It’s one of the most unique diving spots where you can also dive into its interior. It sits on a sandy bottom, attracting fish like groupers and barracudas, not to mention diving enthusiasts, of course.

Santa Maria Caves

The Santa Maria Caves offer a charming cave dive experience suitable for different levels of divers. This is a particularly special spot to see a variety of different species of fish and an underwater photographer’s heaven. There are 10 different caves known as the Santa Maria cave, each offering a different diving experience. You can choose from mesmerising swim troughs, underwater tunnels and amazing views of the richest blue oceans. Some of them are also shallow, ideal for snorkelers or beginner divers.

H.M.S. Maori

H.M.S. Maori is another famous wreck that is popular amongst trained and advanced divers. It’s located just below fort St Elmo, in Malta’s capital city, Valletta. It has a fascinating history behind it, including assisting the sinking of the Bismarck. It’s one of the most famous historical wrecks. It was bombed in 1942, but parts of it remain, teaming with marine life. Set on a sandy bottom, plenty of light enters through its large cracks and you can swim between the column-like structures left of the ship.

Għar Lapsi

Located in the vicinities of Żurrieq, the shallow waters of Għar Lapsi are a perfect spot for beginner and new divers who can descend on the reef to about 15m depth. More experienced divers can also experience the beauty of the Għar Lapsi underwater cave, where the sun reflects at a perfect angle through its entrance. The great thing about this spot is that the cave is wide and flat, allowing you to appreciate its vast marine life.

Um El Faroud

Accessible through the shore of the Wied iż-Żurrieq beach, Um El Faroud is a wreck that is just a short swim off the shore. The ship was beyond repair when an explosion occurred in one of its engines and so, it was scuttled in 1998. It’s now one of the most spectacular artificial reefs, home to diverse marine life including barracudas, and squid. A lot of it is still intact, so you can explore the history of this wreck and enter its rooms.

For a small island, Malta has so much to offer for divers that it’s hard to choose a spot. Luckily, you can combine several diving spots in one day because many are not far apart. The wrecks in particular are a really unique experience, like visiting an ancient city, but underwater.

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