O&S Shipping Receives ISO 9001 Certification

O&S Shipping has recently completed an independent audit that confirmed the company uses a management system that complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. As a result of this success, O&S was awarded the ISO 9001 certification for the next two years.


What ISO certification really means

ISO certification is, simply put, independent proof that a company complies with the standards of quality set by ISO 9001:2008. This standard lays out a set practical guidelines that an organisation must follow in order to have a quality management system.

When dealing with a company like O&S Shipping that has attained the ISO 9001 certification, the client can rest assured that they’ll get:

Though not everyone may know what it is (though this is drastically changing), ISO 9001 certification is increasingly becoming the hallmark of a good business reputation.

Results from an independent client satisfaction survey

We can say with utmost conviction that the results of our ISO training speak for themselves – but you can also see what our clients have to say about us! Have a look at the results of an independent survey taken by an external auditing firm that was one of the proofs used to get us ISO certified!

Of 71 customers surveyed, there was:

88.43% approval when asked “How would you rate the service of O&S Shipping?” Service quality was measured in terms of arrival date, transit time, cargo conditions, and value for money.

95.3% satisfaction when asked “How would you rate the customer service of O&S Shipping?” Customer service was measured in terms of communication, politeness, patience, friendliness, knowledge, promptness, and helpfulness.

Moreover, 90.4% of customers surveyed would likely recommend our company to a friend or colleague.

What customers are saying about O&S Shipping

Great service, very helpful. They are a preferred supplier in their line of work.

The company is efficient and replies quickly to our requests. This is very important for us since we may have to deal with tight deadlines.

The company is very knowledgeable, efficient and always tries to offer the best price in the market. Kurt is very loyal and helpful to his customers.

We always get a fabulous service from O&S. They are very polite, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile.

What does this mean for O&S Shipping?

One thing that is necessary to stress is that through ISO 9001, O&S Shipping have clearly become a more efficient company that is more equipped than ever to provide its shipping, logistics, and marine agency services.

However, it is also very much a case of business as usual. We highly acknowledge the benefits of ISO certification, while firmly noting that this certification is ultimately the natural evolution of the ethos of high quality that O&S Shipping has always adopted in its business ethic. ISO certification has allowed us, and will keep allowing us, to maximise the verity of that ethos.

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