Oil & Gas Services at the heart of the Mediterranean

Malta’s strategic location at the heart of the Mediterranean makes it a key player in the global shipping industry. O&S Shipping Ltd, a Malta-based ISO 9001:2008 certified company, provides its clients with 24/7 logistic support services in the hydrocarbon industry.

With years of experience garnered in the industry, O&S Shipping offers a diverse portfolio of services that meet the client’s requirements and also provide effective management throughout the hydrocarbon supply chain.

Ship Agency Services and Berthing Facilities

Over the years, O&S Shipping has catered for a number of prominent customers within the hydrocarbon, and oil and gas support industry.

Our services within the ship and port agency portfolio include: port formalities, berth arrangements, appointment of pilots, tugs and ancillary services, customs clearance, crew change, seafarers visa processing, transfers, and accommodation

We also cater for any operational requirements such as ship to ship transfer coordination, as well as all the vital facilities that are attributed to cargo operations. These include cargo loading, shifting and discharging, loading and discharging of equipment such as cranes, rigging machinery and so on, provision of on site equipment and machinery such as trucks, forklifts, welding kits and so on, and also disbursement services.

Warehousing, Storage and Distribution Services

O&S Shipping operates a 6,000 sqm facility in Ħal Far, which is registered as an A class bonded area with the Maltese authorities. This allows the company to use the area as a free zone under a bond guarantee.

The area designated for open area storage is used for the storage of tubulars, drilling equipment, and oversized goods. The covered area is well suited for palletized, dry, and sensitive cargo, and it is also utilised as a logistics hub for the consolidation of all incoming and outgoing cargo, container storage, and also technical services.

The warehousing services offering in this facility also include inventory management and distribution services.

Customs Brokerage and Distribution

Another very important service that is offered by this company is the provision of customs clearance for any kind of consignment including ship spares and equipment.

Irrespective of whether the cargo is domestic or in transit, O&S Shipping are experts in mitigating the intricacy of regulations as efficiently as possible. This would not be possible without a dedicated team of professional and experienced staff, and direct connections with local customs offices and terminals on a 24/7 basis.

Other Important Services

There are other facilities that are offered by O&S Shipping. These include acting as a Third Party and Fourth Party Logistics provider to several international brands. In addition to this, the company is also an exclusive member for Project Cargo Network in Malta.

Apart from O&S Shipping’s shipping agent role, the company also offers chartering services of all types of offshore vessels, barges, and support vessels, as well as spearheading the mobilisation and demobilisation of offshore projects.

Despite the fact that the hydrocarbon industry presents numerous challenges for producers, service providers, and consumers alike, O&S Shipping continues to facilitate every aspect of the supply chain through the provision of diverse services to its clients.

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