Notice to customer on verified gross mass

Dear Customers and Colleagues

Reference to the recent VGM regulations adopted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) within the SOLAS Convention (Safety of life at Sea). We would like to communicate the following

Reason for such regulations

These regulations have been enforced to address considerable safety concerns at sea and on shore arising due to incorrect weight declarations.

What is VGM?

Verified Gross Mass- is the actual weight of container weight including cargo, packing materials, lashing materials and container tare weight.

Date of application

Applicable as from 1st July 2016. VGM (Verified Gross Mass) data should be provided by the Shipper immediately after loading of container in order to submit VGM data to Shipping line and obtain acceptance on load list.

Who has to provide VGM data?

VGM data must be provided by Shipper and will be declared on the Bill of Lading. The Shipper is the person entity or company shown as the party exporting goods on the bill of lading (contract of carriage). Shipper is still responsible to declare VGM even if the cargo is loaded and secured by a third party contractor within our outside shipper facilities.

Means and methods of VGM verification

The SOLAS regulations prescribe two methods by which the shipper may obtain the VGM of a packed container:


Weighing of empty truck and container on chassis prior loading at a certified weighbridge facility and reweigh container after loading and sealing of unit at the same facility to record Gross and Tare weight of packed container. Original or true copies of weigh slips must be produced at time of declaration.


Shipper may weigh all packages and cargo items, including the mass of pallets and other packing materials such as pallets, lashing straps and dunnage and add the tare mass of the container which is indicated on the front door of the container.

We strictly recommend to you to notice the tare mass of the container on the door.

This method can be adopted by ISO 9001 or ISO 28000 certified companies and also AEO Certified Companies.

Enforcement Threshold

An enforcement threshold of +/- 5 % of the verified gross mass will be taken into consideration.

In case of declarations which exceed the above threshold or in the absence of official declaration by shipper:

• Container will not be allowed to enter Terminal

• Container will not be loaded unless the Verified Gross mass is confirmed through other means of weighing

• Container will be subject to storage, detention or demurrage charges if the free time is exceeded

Notice to Importers

If the VGM is not declared by your supplier, your consignment will be subject to additional unnecessary costs, disputes and delays. Please ensure that your suppliers are fully aware of such procedures.

Assistance if required

We and our network of agents are already complaint to handle VGM for you or your suppliers if required.

Contact our customer service team for further assistance and information.

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