Weekly Import Service for Japanese Cars & Auto Parts

Driving is the most efficient way to get around Malta, and anyone looking to orient themselves around the island might want to turn to the Far East to provide the best cars it can.

Used car dealers and enthusiasts who are looking for new outlets to import their cars and autoparts from Japan need look no further than Malta Express, a new service that is the product of a collaboration between Autologistics Japan and O&S Shipping.

How does Malta Express work?

The premise of Malta Express is simple – find out your car and part, buy, deliver it to our yard in japan and pick it up from our yard in Malta.

Currently, Malta Express allows for the importation of cars and parts from Japan. It’s also important that you know that due to laws beyond our control, only car dealers can import but others can buy parts or whatever they wish.

Why choose Malta Express?

You’d be right if you said that we’re not the first people to come up with a used car import service from Japan, but here’s what sets us apart from the competition.

First of all, we are completely diligent when it comes to all things logistical. That’s our job, after all. That means that when it comes to things like rate calculation, vehicle inspection, customs declaration export and customs clearance, and sorting out the taxes and expenses involved, you can depend on us to do a good job.

Furthermore, we ensure that you won’t have to wait long for your vehicles to arrive, as we do weekly sailings with an approximate transit time of 30 days. Thanks to our Yard to Yard Service, your car is delivered from our yard in Japan to our yard in Ħal Far, which makes pick-up a completely hassle-free experience.

Our services take your budget into consideration while still offering a flexible service. We don’t even require you to import multiple cars to make the operation feasible, so if you only want one car from Japan that’s perfectly fine. Furthermore, we entitle you to two days of free storage at the destination which makes pick-up even more cost-effective.

Benefits of purchasing Japanese Cars

Why opt for Japanese cars in the first place? The short answer is that Japanese are generally kept so well that you can expect great reliability on the used market.

The cars that are kept here are subject to very strict quality tests by the government, which means you’ll receive those cars in the same excellent condition. They’re not abused by their original owners and as a result usually last for a surprisingly long amount of time. Often Japanese cars clock up to 300,000 miles before any major repairs are required. These cars also tend to be very fuel-efficient.

Import your Japanese Cars Today

If you’re a car dealer looking to add new (used) life in your repertoire, Malta Express has the solution you seek. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in ordering some great quality Japanese used cars.

If your heart is set on used cars from the UK, we can help with that too (and we’ll tell you more about that soon)!

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