Shipping Industry and Blockchain

The shipping industry and blockchain. How combining the two can modernise a global industry and move towards greater efficiency.

Sea Malta Charters Partnership

Learn more about Sea Malta Charters and their services. Whether you are looking for a boat charter or marine insurance, this local Maltese company has got you covered.

Benefits of Short Sea Shipping

What is short sea shipping and why it is such an attractive alternative to land transport for moving freight in Europe?

Top 7 Diving Spots in Malta

There are plenty of reasons why thousands of people choose Malta as their summer vacation destination and diving is just one of them. Malta offers stunning and unique diving experiences, including caves, reefs, wrecks and historic ruins. It’s fair to say that Malta has just as much to offer deep in its blue oceans as […]

O&S Shipping’s Float-In Operation on SS4 a Success

If you’ve been following our blog for some time, you will probably recall that time a few years ago when we helped float a Sunseeker 116 Yacht off of the Super Servant 4 at Malta Freeport. The Super Servant 4 is back once more for a similar operation, but this time round the object of […]

O&S Shipping participates at the Valletta Boat Show 2017

From Thursday 2nd to Saturday 5th November 2017, the newly opened Marina Di Valletta will host Malta’s largest on water boat show, the Valletta Boat Show 2017. Valletta Boat Show celebrates its 10th anniversary This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Valletta Boat Show. Since its inception in 2007, the event has gone from […]

An Overview Of The Shipping Industry

Mariners have been using ships to transport goods for trade from possibly as early as the third millennium BC. Whilst the first goods traded were high value items such as silks, spices, wine and perfume in small quantities, the development of shipping technology through the ages has allowed the size and quantity of goods that […]

Maersk shipping cyberattack

Has Shipping Become Too Dependent On Technology For Its Own Good?

On the 27th of June, 2017, computer systems in Ukraine began to malfunction. Computer screens were locked to a red screen with instructions to the users to pay up in Bitcoins to ensure the safety of the files on their computers. Within hours, banks, railways, airports, even the monitoring station at Chernobyl were affected. No […]

How Technology Is Revolutionising Safety At Sea

When any mode of transport is controlled by man, no matter how great the systems, no matter how experienced the captain or pilot, there is always the matter of human error. The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), is currently developing new technology to minimise that risk as much as possible. The development of safe […]

Japanese Car Imports by Malta Express

New weekly service for car dealers, parts importers and Japan auto enthusiasts! Malta Express is a freight import service for local dealers and enthusiasts that need to move cars, commercial vehicles, auto parts and accessories from Japan to Malta. We offer a first-of-its-kind service for local importers, where we deliver your shipment directly to your […]

A photo of a lake with Mount Fuji in the distance

Weekly Import Service for Japanese Cars & Auto Parts

Driving is the most efficient way to get around Malta, and anyone looking to orient themselves around the island might want to turn to the Far East to provide the best cars it can. Used car dealers and enthusiasts who are looking for new outlets to import their cars and autoparts from Japan need look […]

A photo of a bridge at night in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey-Malta Sea Freight Container Service

Turkey’s unique geographical position between Europe and Asia makes it well positioned as an import-export hub, and its developing economy also provides several important trading opportunities with the European Union. In fact, Turkey is the EU’s 4th largest export market, as well as the 5th largest provider of its imports. Several Turkish companies are increasingly […]

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